Obaapa Gladys Shines Bright as New Artist of the Year at Legacy of Excellence Music Awards 2023

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In a resounding celebration of musical excellence, the recent Legacy of Excellence Music Awards in Ghana witnessed the crowning of a new star in the gospel music firmament. Obaapa Gladys, the soulful voice behind the chart-topping single “Cobra,” emerged as the New Artist of the Year 2023, marking a significant milestone in her burgeoning career.

The Legacy of Excellence Music Awards, known for recognizing and honoring outstanding talent in the Ghanaian music industry, set the stage for an unforgettable night of jubilation. Among the luminaries and virtuosos, Obaapa Gladys stood tall, securing her place as the recipient of the prestigious New Artist of the Year award 2023.

At the heart of Obaapa Gladys’s accolade is her transformative single “Cobra.” This gospel anthem, resonating with powerful vocals and anointed lyrics, has captivated hearts and soared to the top of music charts. Its impact reverberates not only in the melodies but in the spiritual awakening it has brought to listeners.

Obaapa Gladys’s journey to winning New Artist of the Year is a testament to the divine melodies she shares with the world. Her music transcends mere entertainment; it is a ministry that connects with the souls of her audience, offering solace, warning, inspiration, and a profound sense of spirituality.

As Obaapa Gladys accepted the award, her gratitude overflowed. In a touching acceptance speech, she expressed thanks for the unwavering support of her team, the love of her fans, and, most importantly, the divine guidance that has paved the way for her musical journey.

Obaapa Gladys’s rise from relative obscurity to the pinnacle of the gospel music scene exemplifies humility, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to her craft. Her victory at the Legacy of Excellence Music Awards is a beacon of hope for aspiring artists and a testament to the transformative power of faith-infused melodies.

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The New Artist of the Year title not only recognizes Obaapa Gladys’s musical prowess but also underscores the global impact of her ministry. Her songs include ” Cobra” and “Borla Borla” have transcended borders, carrying messages of hope and faith to diverse audiences who find solace in her powerful renditions.

As Obaapa Gladys revels in the glow of her recent achievement, the future unfolds as an exciting canvas for her musical endeavors. Fans and industry insiders alike eagerly anticipate the forthcoming compositions that will undoubtedly carry the same anointing and soul-stirring quality as her award-winning single “Cobra.”

She encourage all her fans and loved ones to keep listening to her songs especially her new single ‘BORLA BORLA” as a sign of motivation to help her get more inspired and to do more.

Cobra remix ft. Nyira Betty – Listen

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